Out of date. I'm divorced and need to update this site

Hi, I'm Alistair Wiseman

Ok, I have revamped this because much has changed since the original page was created!

I am, as you might have guessed by the page title, Alistair Wiseman. To be precise I am actually Alistair Angus Wiseman, and for the sake of the search engines anyone who didn't know my middle name, now does! But, that's the aim of this website, to give you, the reader, some more information about me.

Born in Crewe, Cheshire, I was the younger brother to, (and still am!!), Anne Marie, Andrew Robert, Hamish Stuart, Susan Josephine, and Iain William Wiseman, and the son of Ian MacDonald Wiseman and Patricia Chase. I have a son, Jack Rewi Angus Wairau, who lives in New Zealand with his mum.
Alistair Wiseman aliwiseman
Esther Wiseman Van Sluijs
And... meet my wife, Esther.

One of the main reasons for the site update is, I got married! Esther and I have known of each other for years, in a completely none romantic kind of way, having chatted via a website/msn for 9 or 10 years before we actually met in person. To say we met because of the internet would be correct, but to say the romance began there I think would be misleading.

More of that later, but for now, facts, we got married March 7th 2008 in Las Vegas, after I had moved to Holland in the June of 2007. Currently we live in Leiden, not too far from Amsterdam, surrounded outside by Jay's, Ring Necked Parakeets, Jackdaws, Coots, and our two cats, who seem to take umbrage at the feathered neighbours landing on our balconies!

Alistair Wiseman aliwiseman

What you'll find here

As I get around to updating all on here I will add modules for the various things I've done. For now, most of the content of this site will be as it was, with additional info and pictures of Esther, myself, our trip to Vegas and marriage etc appearing on an "As and When" schedule lol. As an alternative to the buttons below, click the SITE MAP button above for easier navigation Please note : As geocities has decided to close I have had to move all the pages to this new domain. In doing so, I've decided not to transfer a couple of pages which still appear on the Site Map. Also for some reason, IE is not liking my link buttons, but both FF and Chrome accept them happily! Another reason to swap browsers me thinks!

As I said though, most of what you'll find here is at the moment the same as it was. I will sort layouts etc in the near future. Long overdue I know I know! but, better late than never! I have added a little more info about how Esther and me came to be, and that can be found
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