A page of pics of Jack

Seems over the last 4 and a half years my little boy has changed, grown, and become something of a character. So... Here are a few pictures which show the transition. However, one thing is still constant, he's the spitting image of his mother. Especially in a strop!! *weg*

He's tiny. Fragile. Maybe he did come out of his mum after all? This is Glendas first hold. Look at the size of her hand compared to his head! Bath time... again still tiny, and very pink!!
I'm not sure about the idea of eating with this, looks like a catapult to me! Now look what you've done!I said I didn't like eggs didnt I?! A smile for the camera then its back to mischief I go!
Halloween 04. He's borrowed Mums hat and is thinking "Up up and Away!!" And speaking of Mum... lol... you didnt think I'd leave you out? lmao And.. Halloween 05! What do we do with a scurvy pirate? Hehe!!
This I had on my phone for ages as my background. I like! This.. is the replacement background! Newest I have. And finally.. My favorite! Cheeky, cheerful and mischievous!

A selection of my favorite pics, showing how he's gone from baby to character! Enjoy!