Hobbies Interests Past Memories and Me

This was the first page I made after the initial homepage, and has not been edited since. I will sort the layouts as soon as possible, and the information. The purpose of this page was to give a little bit more personal info about me, and what makes me makes me tick! (Anyone drawing similarities between a ticking Alistair and a time bomb.. exit now! hehe). Oddly, this page used to feed my o2 site.. but now these pages have become the main ones!

Ok, cover the basics first. I'm 34, and have 3 brothers Andrew Hamish and Iain, a sister Susan, and a half sister Anne-Marie. All of these are far older than me and i have no memory of us having ever all being in the same room, although i guess it must have happened, albeit when i was about 4 or 5. From that you can gauge that the family isn't exactly close. lol! My parents split when i was 12ish and i grew up in the rough end of Crewe in Cheshire, most noted for trains, Rolls Royce, and a petty crime rate that made it to No.1 in the News of the World ratings!

From there i did a stint in Brighton, some time at my mothers house, a couple of years with Lisa and her family in an obligatory attempt to be married with kids from an early age... seemed like the right thing to do at the time, hehe, progressed onto Uni, only to quit after a year due to funds, spent a year in Nantwich but never shook off the idea that Nantwich people look down their noses at Crewe-ites so it wasnt wonderful hehe! Worked in the Grand in Brighton when the 9/11 planes went down, and then spent dec 01-march 02 in Brisbane Oz, where i met Glenda the mother of my child Jack Rewi Angus Wairau, who is 3 on October 30th 05, and is still in Oz. I went back to Oz and spent some time with both him and his mother in 03, but the plans of immegration fell through, and i landed back in the uk.

I then spent nigh on 3 years in Wolverhampton, living with Julia, (an amazing lass who looked after me from my return from oz), and her family. When i had no-one else, a person who i'd met 3 times came through for me, gave me food, shelter, and a place in her family home, even though she knew i had no way to return the favour, nor did she ask me too. To give what she has freely takes a very special person, and i'm forever in her debt. And now...? Now I'm married, living in Leiden in Holland, and have been here a year. Today is July 18th 08, and up until today this page was busy declaring I was still 30! Of course... i still LOOK 30... but i believe thats not the point!

Crewe Stuff

Where do i start? Outside Crewe sounds best! Nantwich... the Cheshire Cat! From 1993-97 my usual haunt, and at the end, place of work! So many people on a Saturday, brought together by music. I should mention DJ Dave, Wilf n Les (eaters of many a bacon butty at 4am sunday morning) Collette and Emma, Ange, Stuart, Edgey, Gav, Steve, Claire, Mike n Andy, Lisa, Tracey, Katy and Ben.. the second best barman there! Anyone else wanting a shout drop me a line! The cat played rock music on a saturday night and was always full. Since its closeing in 97, the Limelite in Crewe has been the main retreat for us left with nowhere to go. Congrats to Tony on his job there. Always told you you'd love it behind a bar!

So, asides my music and drinking haunts, i used to enjoy the CB community in Crewe. I met many people from it, some of which became firm friends, some lovers even lol! My sister Dinky Doo first introduced me when i was about 7, and Greenfingers gave me the name Little Sparrow, which duely changed to Passenger as i got older. From then on i got to know several people, Blackbeard and Dennis the Menace being 2 who are no longer with us. Stuart, Marko i've known years, and had many a beer or 5 with! Barry Peg-leg, John Gateman, Matchstick, Mole Catcher, Chocolate Frog, Iceman, Screwy Rabbit, Iron Man and Big Ben were all good mates, along with Dragon Rider, Butterscotch, Agony Aunt and Chatterbox, lasses that always raised a smile. The local eyeball was always entertaining and eventful too!

Friendswise, from school there were only a few who i stayed in touch with. Anthony is the above mentioned Tony, who i've known almost all my life, and has been far more consistant than any of my family in being there for me, and probably knows me better than anyone. Add to that Wayne, whos parents became my second set when my parents marriage combusted, and took me with them on holiday, pretty much making me and him brothers! Mike too, has stuck by me, and its great to see him married to a lass who seems to be as happy with him as he is with her.

Workwise, I should also give a shout out to Jason, Bob, Margaret, and especially Tes, who made my time at Dextra / 20/20 much more fun than it ever should've been. Without you guys I would never have made it to Oz.

So, now you know the basics about me, click the Highs and Lows for more personal info on me, and whats made me who i am. Not just text either on the next page