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Well, i've written many a poem in my time, most of which have manged to get themselves lost in the many house moves i've had. I've not written much new though for quite a while, so if im going to set this page up i suppose i should get my thinking cap on. For now though i shall just put here some of the ones that already exist on the net, in one form or another. This is mostly for my own benifit as i need a permanent place to store them lol.

Ok, first up, a happy little ditty i wrote for an Anti Drink Driving campaign, which was unfortunatly not used. Shame really as i thought it had enough OUCH factor to be effective. Not exactly a classic example of verse and poetry structure though.

One for the Road

I saw a man get killed today
It happened way too fast
As I approached I saw him smile
He'd died before I'd passed

It seemed the car brushed him aside
Like a paper swats a fly
Dismissed from life without reprieve
No chance to wonder"Why?"

Of course I stopped and still in shock
I went back to the scene
To proffer versions of events
The little chance there'd been

I'd been out drinking late last night
It showed up on the test
The time from there becomes a blur
The caution, and arrest

I helped a man get killed tonight
It happened way to fast
Now every day I'll see his smile
And know it was his last

Second then, was something which WAS infact written recently. I'd forgotten about it untill i decided to slap things onto here, and it was written on impuse. Like most of my writtings it probably needs a little bit of work to be what i would class as the finished artical, but its posted here as it came out of my head.


I sit, contemplating.
A cat approaches, sure of its existence.
It meows, therefore it is!
Simplicity Purr-sonified
Why not us?

She feeds, she breeds.
Communicates with others of her species,
Fights occasionally, natural instinct.
Without the urge to kill.
Why not us?

Territorial, yet tolerant,
A social nuzzle, or a piercing yowl
Conveying pleasure / displeasure.
Negates the need for genocide
Why not us? 

I sit, contemplating.
The cat looks at me, and accepts me.
Though I must seem alien to all she knows.
Yet she loves this other entity.
Why not us?

This was something i wrote on 8th of January 2002 in Brisbane, while watching on tv a Deep Purple in Melbourne concert. Glenda had gone to bed as it was about 2am and i was sat in her front room. I think it says alot about how I felt over there, and probably explains how Jack came to be. The fact this was written before Glenda and I were ever a couple, if thats the right choice of words for what we were, adds to its expressiveness, and serves to remind me of the friendship which we shared. The name has obviously been changed accordingly.

The House That Built Jack

How is it so? 
Further away than ever I've been, 
From that, which is theoretically known as home. 
A friend upstairs sleeping, 
And a chance encounter with a band that touches my soul, 
Can make me feel, 
So Alive! 
Two a.m. and my hearts on fire, 
Inspired by music, fueled by desire for life, 
Experiences of culture and personal acceptance, 
All new. 
All different. 
Radiating from that which exists, 
Beyond the confines of where I've dwelt before 
And so, 
With a fervour, 
I grasp it! 
Drowning in sensations of exquisite awareness, 
That we are not just mundane creatures, 
Merely processing air, Recycling it, 
But more. 
Far more. 
Creatures of love, of beauty, of passion, 
Of compassion too, 
And of yearning, 
Longing for knowledge, 
Begging for belonging, 
And finding it, 
If only for a while, 
In places which weeks ago 
Were nothing more than insignificant specks, 
On a map not belonging to me, 
So as I sit and contemplate, 
I smile, 
Taking pleasure, even from the question, 
Which only serves for me to wonder more... 
How is it so?
How is it so?

The last one on here for now is one that has been circulating for ages now, and most people have seen it, as it is on my wap page and has been linked to from here for a good while now, on the page i wrote about love. It seems to provoke a reaction from most so feel free to tell me your thoughts. Written 6th Feb 2001.


It moves
Silent. Unseen.
Changing all within its path.
For better, or for worse,
Bringing such differing symptoms of its passing,
That those who lack experience,
Would swear their affliction was far differing from others.
They'd be wrong!
Distress, joy, death and life anew.
Singularly, in pairs, or all too often together,
For those unfortunate souls immersed within its waves.
Ensconced in emotions, too powerful too control.
Mind blowing conflictions of heart and mind.
Those touched will never be at rest again.
Some, overflowing with joy,
Elation at feelings newly discovered.
Meaning, where before was only agony and discord.
Then, some destroyed.
Laid barren. Laid bare.
Crushed by the enormity of loss that envelopes them.
Lives crumbling, devoid of reason.
Such is the turmoil left in its wake. 
Yet others still there are,
Consumed with longing,
Hoping even,
That, by some twist of fate,
They'll be chosen next.
Risking self-destruction for promises of utopia,
Though they know not, that which awaits them.
And so, with souls such as these, it spreads.
This beautiful, cataclysmic virus,
Called Love.

Written for a poetry contest designed to produce tears im not really sure where this came from. Unfortunately the contest was judged without this being read, so i have no idea as to how the person reacted to my writting.


All that's left are pictures.
Nothing tactile.
Nothing solid.
Nothing to wrap my arms around and hold.
Pictures fade.
Memories too.
Like you did.
Once, life personified.
Vibrant! Effervescing!
Now, just dust.
Consumed by fire,
What joy in its image created,
Death, in its vengeance cremated.
And in its place,
A void.
An abyss.
With me at its centre.
Falling, flailing,
Nothing to cling to,
Just perpetual loss.
No respite.
For when I think of you,
The only descriptive my mind will give,
Is Gone

Just written for a laugh really, this seemed to roll off the tongue far to easilly. Of course, i had to do lots of research into this one, as its not really a subject i was familiar with.

Cyber Sex
Twas late at night when I came home.
Out for a beer I’d been
When an I.M. from “Miss Dirty Chick”
Appeared upon my screen.

I thought, “That’s strange, I don’t know her.”
So “View Profile” was clicked,
And on I went to read about,
What she liked to have licked!

“Bing!” went my MSN again,
She’d read my profile too!
“My pic”, she said, made her “aroused”
“What was I gonna do?”

I typed out “Thanks” and added “blush”
Not sure of what she meant,
The next I.M. I got dispelled
My doubts of her intent!

“It’s at that time, gone 1am,
And I’m without a chap!”
“Naked, typing, with just one hand
The other’s in my lap”

Of course I sat there quite amazed.
For at this stuff I’m new
Then came the “coup de grace” from her.
“My web cam, Wanna View?”

Accept / Decline : I had the choice
Decline and I’d regret,
The chance I’d had to see this girl,
Professing to be “wet”!

And so it came to pass that I
Was broken in this way,
Textual Intercourse was had,
And still is to this day!


If a moral’s to be had from this,
I guess its got to be,
Keep Pc in room with curtains shut
In case the neighbours see!
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