More About My Life

Hmmm.... Well, you've had the best and worst, now for a brief summary of the rest. Here's some info on things like my school years, life changing events, my friends from school etc etc
Life Alters
Again, like the last page, I have to update this, as there are more things to add. Initially, this was my original entry :

"At last, an easy one. The day I knew Glenda was pregnant with Jack. All my priorities changed. At that time I not long been back in the UK, and had just started a relationship with a long standing friend Jackie, and was seriously considering settling down. Having tried for kids with Lisa, and having had several lasting relationships where a pregnancy would have been a distinct possibility (there goes my halo!) I'd given up on the idea of kids. Having known Jackie since well before her wee ones were born, and my relationship with her kids was great, I thought maybe... maybe this is it! I had a steady job, agency but contracted after 12 weeks if wanted, a girlfriend who'd known me years, and a ready made family."

Then Glenda Told Me
Jack Rewi Angus Wairau

Neither of us had expected this, me with my previous history, and Glenda, who was on Thyroid meds which was supposed to negate any chance of pregnancy. I kept it to myself for at least a month, wondering exactly what my course of action was. I decided best thing to do was to try and get over there for the birth, and told Jackie this. I worked stupid hours... one week I did a night and a day shift at the same time, 10pm-6am, and 9am-5pm. This took its toll, and in the end I walked out of the higher paid night job so as to be able to spend more time with Jackie, but the relationship took a dive, and we split, leaving me cursing my stupidity for quitting and burning bridges. My life though now was open, and nothing was in my way to stop me from heading to Oz and staying there. I was unable to gain the cash to get across for Jacks birthday, but took the contract the agency job led too, and began monthly pay! This made things easier to save money, and I hammered in the overtime, all the time hearing from Glenda initially how sick Jack was, and wondering if I'd ever get the chance to hold him. He became my reason, the only good thing that had been produced out of my life. From the moment I knew a child was coming it almost validated my existence, and I as an individual, suddenly wasn?t. I became a parent, and thoughts of me had to be superceded by thoughts of Jack. Before this, my priorities were being split between my mothers ailing health, being able to work and gain money to enjoy myself, and finding a lass to settle down with. Suddenly they all took a back seat, and the Alistair Wiseman who'd existed before that was gone, and instead I became a parent, a father, and given the chance, a dad!
And now, more recently..

My move to Holland has to be the most significant event in my life up until now. Some may argue, "Alistair you got married", but in actuality this really had very little impact in the lives Esther and myself live.

From my point of view, what I was basically doing, was placing my life in Esthers hands. I had just secured a room in Wolves, I was working, albeit part time, but enough to fund staying in the room as a viability, I had a reasonable network of friends, and there were huge parallels to be drawn with my failed move to Oz. What if Esther and I never made it? If I had to return home, I would have no where to stay again, no income, basically up the creek without a paddle. I'd love to say "it wasn't a gamble..." but it was. Nothing is takable for granted(able?? lol) and past history was slapping me about in the face saying, "You, young man, are leaving yourself more vulnerable than a vulnerable thing!", which although lacking in originality, made up for it with the intrinsic fact that.. it was right! Sure, it's not as far away as Oz but, to Oz, i'd bought a return ticket, to Holland, it was one way.

My Youth Ah, My youth! What did I do as a kid / Young man? Well, school sucked. Infants and juniors were actually quite fun. Underwood west in Crewe was probably not the best place to begin my education but, there had been a Wiseman in the school from its opening day, so I guess it was a tradition or an old charter or something,(thank-you R Rankin). There I met Anthony Myers, who became my best mate, and we had many an adventure together, be it in the school its self, or ducking behind cars as my mother came cycling past on Frank Web ave after we'd just been to Timminses for some slush! In the last year of infants he moved, and subsequently his choice of senior school became different from mine, but upon my insistence to my parents, somehow I managed to get into the same school. Coppenhall.
Coppenhall has to be the thing that, asides from my mother, left me most disillusioned with life. A vastly underweight yet top 10 student I was bullied incessantly so that I took up playing an instrument to facilitate my not needing to be outside at breaks. Of course, at this stage I didn't know that my tongue was different to the norm, so it was odd that while others could "tongue" notes, I could not. I switched instruments, from cornet to euphonium, and learnt to compensate for it. Here I met Wayne, and with Anthony being in different classes and also living at the other side of town, we became best mates. I don't know how I met Andy Parton, Mike Martin was in my science class, Phil Sykes was in the band, and Rob appeared from down south, but together the bunch of us were trouble. As my parents marriage disintegrated and my mother disappeared into religious lunacy these guys kept me as sane as they could.
Underwood west Alistair Wiseman aliwisemanCoppenhall
From there I left school, due to a mix up with my results I refused to do resits, citing that I'd done all the word needed, and left mothers for a rather more relaxed environment at dads. Added to the group were Deanne and Jackie Roberts, Emma Bradford, and Andrea Mitchinson, and as a group we floated around in an old volkswagon combi van getting into as much mischief as we could. But, things changed, I spent 3 months living in Brighton with my sis, college and uni grabbed some, full time work others, and slowly our group disbanded.

The CB radio played a big part in my life too, when I came back to Crewe, and it was that which led me to Sharon, who introduced me into the ways of adulthood,(Well, it's polite..! lol), and also Lisa, who I ended up living with for over 2 years, having also spent time with Andy in Bright Street. I guess that takes me up to gone 21, so it seems this chapter is done.